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Truman State Park Marina

‚ÄčNever heard of a paddlefish?  They are Missouri's State Aquatic Animal.  The paddlefish can be distinguished by its large mouth and its elongated snout.  Their skeleton is primarily composed of cartilage.  In some areas  paddlefish are referred to as "Spoonbill", "Spoonies" or "Spoonbill Catfish".

Paddlefish are a prehistoric fish that is represented by only two species worldwide.  They don't bite a hook so you have to snag them.   In the past they were commercially exploited for their eggs to produce freshwater caviar.  Extracted paddlefish eggs may not be possessed while on waters of the state or adjacent banks, and may not be transported.

There are strict regulations regarding the size and number of Paddlefish that can be caught or in your possession during "Paddlefish Season".  While they can weigh as much as 150 pounds the average size harvested is 50-60 pounds.  In Missouri the snagging season is March 15 - April 30.  Always check the Missouri Fishing Regulations for the most current rules.


To receive a weekly fishing report or to obtain permits visit: www.mdc.mo.gov/fishing

Truman Lake/ Lake of the Ozarks/ Osage River

Shawnee Bend Bluff Trail

A great place to get away!  Trails that let you escape for the day, or for the weekend.  For all levels of riding, sweet single track and beautiful scenic views.  These trails are a beaten path single track that offers an off- road riding/hiking experience for the beginner and the advanced. Several colored trails can help guide you around or mix up different sections for a whole new adventure.

The Truman Lake Bike Club teamed up with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Warsaw to bring this exciting mountain bike trail to the area.  Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park has been built on Corps of Engineer land bordering beautiful Truman Lake.   Just three miles from Downtown Warsaw, Truman Lake Bike Park is designed for riders of all ages and skill. 

Warsaw Chamber of commerce  presents the Missouri State Championship bike races at the Truman Lake Bike Park.

For more information, contact the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce at 660-438-5922. 

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Photo courtesy of Robin Arnholter Whitesell

Take the West Dam Access Road to Shawnee Bend Park. At the top of the boat ramp parking lot is the Shawnee Bend Trail head. Enter around the yellow gate.

Long Shoal Marina

Fishing Adventures!

Cycling and bike-packing tour:

The Butterfield Experience: Gravel Riding Paradise

Truman Lake Mountain Bike & Hiking Area

Lost Valley Hatchery is the kids' choice!

We have the good fortune to have a wide variety of fishing guides for Truman Lake and the Osage River.  Some of the guides strictly fish the waters of Truman Lake while others fish the Osage River and a few fish both.  We even have a guide with a pontoon boat equipped for the disabled that specializes in crappie and catfish on Truman Lake.

You won't have any problems finding a guide in the Warsaw area to assist you with your fishing trip.  There are guides for crappie, bass, catfish, and paddlefish. Don't let the size of Truman Lake, 55,600 acres (900+ miles of shoreline), deter you from visiting the Warsaw area.  Be sure to make your reservation with the guide of your choice in advance.

The Riverfront Trails are easily accessible from multiple locations.  These trails are flat, smooth, and scenic. Get out and enjoy!

Truman Lake Marine & Powersports

Lake Life is a Good Life

Sunset from the Blue Trail